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Basic Tune Up

Just the Basics
  • Brake Adjustment
  • front and rear Shifter and Derailleur Adjustment
  • front and rear Spot Wheel True
  • front and rear Lube Cable and Housing for Brakes and Derailleurs
  • Tighten all bolts to proper torque spec
  • Lubricate the Chain Inflate tires to proper pressure
  • Security Check for All Accessories, i.e. Water Bottle Cages, Light, Computer, etc.
  • Replace bar end plugs, if missing

Drivetrain Clean

End the Cat 5 Tattoo!
  • Solvent Clean Chain
  • Detail Clean Both Derailleurs
  • Detail Clean Cranks
  • Correct Torque Specification for Bottom Bracket
  • Correct Torque Specification for Cranks
  • Lubricate the Chain
  • New Drivetrain Parts are Installed for FREE

Pro Tune Up

Get Race Ready!
  • Basic Tune Up plus…
  • Precision Wheel True of both wheels
  • Bottom Bracket inspection and Torqued to Correct Specification
  • Headset Inspection and Bolts Torqued to Correct Specification
  • Install New Cables and Housing for an Additional — $35 for Bikes with mechanical Brakes, $17.50 for Bikes with Hydraulic Brakes
Individual Tuning and Installs
*Service charges must total $30 per visit


Any single item
  • Front or Rear Brake Adjustment
  • Front or Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Tube Replace or New Tire Install
  • Align or Replace Derailleur Hanger
  • Wrap HandleBars
  • Install Grips
  • Install Rim Brake Pads
  • Cassette Swap
  • Install New Chain
  • Install Stem
  • Install Disc Brake Rotor
  • Install Saddle


Any Single Item
  • Hub Adjustment
  • Install Computer
  • Install One Chainring
  • Replace Gear or Brake Cable and Tune
  • Adjust Mechanical Disc Brake


Any Single Item
  • Install Derailleur and Tune
  • Install Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Install Disc Brake Pad
  • Install Multiple Chainrings, Crankset Mounted
  • Install Headset
  • Electronic Shifting Adjustments including Firmware Updates


Any Single Item
  • Crankset Install
  • Install MTB Brake or Shifter
  • install Road Shifter (Does Not Include Wrap Bars)
  • Install Bottom Bracket with crank removal required
  • Install Single, Multi Chainrings Crank Removal Required
  • Install Fork or Shock
  • Install Child seat
  • Install Fenders

Wheel Services

  • Precision Wheel True $30
  • Replace Spoke and True $30
  • E-Bike with Inner Tube $30
  • Tubeless Ready Tire Install with Existing Tubeless Wheel $10
  • Add Sealant $10 (plus sealant cost)
  • Install Tubeless Valves, Tape Rim, Install Tubeless Ready Tire, add sealant (does not include parts cost) $20 
  • Service Cup and Cone Hub $35
  • Replace Sealed Hub Bearings $25 (does not include bearing cost)
  • Tubular Tire Install (New Tire, New Wheel) $40
  • Tubular Tire Install (Used Tire, New Wheel) $60
  • Tubular Tire Install (Used Tire, Used Wheel) $80

Hydraulic Brake Service

  • Change Pads $20
  • Bleed Brakes $30 (Each)
  • Install Brake Set, Cut Hose to fit, and Bleed $40 (Each)

Suspension Services

  • Install new wipers, seals, clean, and change oil in Fox or RockShox fork lowers – $45 (plus seal kit)
  • Install seal kit on Fox or RockShox Shock – $45 (plus seal kit)
  • Install seals and lubricate air spring – $25 additional to above
  • Full rebuild including all seals, air spring service and charger/damper – $125 (plus seal kit)

Assembly Services

  • Assemble New Bike from Box $65
  • Assemble Frame and Build Kit $150
  • Assemble New E-Bike from Box $125 (discounted back to $65, if there are no mechanical issues)
  • Custom Build with parts of your choosing $200