Welcome to the Revolution Mobile Bike Repair Corporate On Site Sign Up

We are excited to be on campus to help get your bike ready for the rest of the riding season!!


Tuesday, May 22nd and Wednesday, May 23rd

Tune Up Services Offered


All labor services will be discounted 20% during the event!

Employees will also receive a 10% discount on any parts or accessories purchased during the event. We carry most consumable type items with us in the shop (tubes, chains, brake pads, etc).
**Below is are a few examples of tune up services offered.  You can see the full menu of services HERE
  • Appointment Info

  • Your Info

**Time slots are placeholders for the day, not appointment times.  Bikes will be dropped off the morning of your service day and Revolution will contact you when your bike is ready for pick up.

How sign up works


There will be 5 sign up spots each day of the event.  They are listed as hour time slots, but they are simply place holders for the day.

  1. Choose the tuning service from the drop down
  2. Click the day or days of event from the calendar and to view the remaining sign up slots for that day. If the day or days are greyed out, then there are no sign up slots available for that day.
  3. Select any of the remaining time slots.
  4. Complete the information and book!

You will receive an email confirmation when the appointment is booked.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email me directly: drew@revrepair.com

On the Day of your scheduled Service


When you arrive to work on the day of your scheduled service, you will bring your bike to the designated service area.  We will quickly go over your bicycle and discuss any repairs/parts needed. After we receive your approval, your bike will go into the service queue.  When your bike’s service is complete, we will contact you directly to come collect your bike and complete the transaction.